Re: Need Help with XP Problem

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Reactor wrote:
Hi All,

My Windows XP Machine will not boot.  It tells me that the file
windows \system32\config\system file is missing or corrupt.

I realize that this is likely a registry problem, and I have tried
everything I can find on the net to resolve this.  The strange thing

Did you try

is that no matter what I do, Windows does not see my hard drive. So I
can't install, re-install, or repair windows.  Even in the system
recovery console, every partition that I choose is "not valid, or
there is no disk in the drive".

I am running a SATA hard drive and everything is connected properly.
I have backed up all my data using a HD enclosure, but I'd prefer not
to have to reinstall a ton of applications, etc. as I need this
machine up and running as it was as soon as possible.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your response. I tried everything I could find on MS,
including the link you provided. The thing is, Windows tells me that
every single drive letter is invalid or does not have a disk (floppy
or CD) installed. So Windows can't figure out what to repair or where
to install.