Re: Open With Options

Steve wrote:

I currently have Firefox as my default browser but there are certain times
that I require to open certain things in IE7.

Previously when I have wanted to do this I simply right clicked on the
html file and selected "Open with" .......

Under recommended programs there is Firefox but Internet Explorer is no
longer present.

Have you changed the "program access" profile in control panel/software?
You may re-enable IE showing up, or do a repair install of IE which will as
well do it for you.

Even selecting browse and pointing it to C:\Program Files\Internet
Explorer\iexplore.exe does not work.

Usually this lets me select the like of iexplore.exe and it places it into
the list of "open with" programs. I then leave the "always use" check box
empty and open the file this way.

Since windows uses the extension to link to a application, from then on
_all_ html files will be associated with IE. Well, when opened from within
firefox, that program may have another "opinion" still :)
I suggest you install the IE addon to firefox, which allows you to open
sites from within FF, with using the IE engine.

Btw. <rant on/> I did NOT manage to let IE7 on a vista install open Yahoo
games (java), even after adding the site to the trusted zone, setting
security slider for trusted zone to low and disabling "advanced security
configuration" which gives headaches after all. The game window
says "ready" without opening the java app. Yes, reinstalling the latest
java from the sun site didn't help IE, neither did cleaning all
cache/offline, cookies and whatever else.
There may be some weird interaction with a kaspersky security suite
installed on the box, but even (temporarily) pausing protection does not
change anything.
Fortunately, no such problem with Firefox - it "just works" as desired.