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Regarding a laptop.

I have the same computer here that I had issues getting Windows
installed on. The guy who owns this thing wants to have the
"Standby" function enabled. I know, I know, don't even start with
the freakin' flames, okay? It's a laptop, why would you want
standby mode? Not my 'puter, and I'm just doing what the guy
asked. But...

The issue is, when I go into power management, I have no options,
anywhere, to enable standby mode on this thing. Now, apparently,
Windows detected that this is indeed a laptop, as that's what the
OS configured itself for.

Question is this: Can I enable Standby on this thing? The last
laptop this guy had, he swears it had standby options enabled.
This one, I can't find it anywhere. As far as I can tell the
knowledgebase as MS doesn't address it specifically for laptops.

This is a Dell Inspiron 1720 running Windows XP Pro. Corp.

BIOS, ACPI enabled?

There is no option anywhere in the BIOS to enable or disable ACPI...

Dell may hide it from you in BIOS. Look in Device Manager at your
"Computer" is it 'Standard' or 'ACPI'?

It says it's ACPI Multiprocessor PC.

OK, in Control Panel, Power Options, "Scheme" set right?

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