Re: downloads/installations over Internet just stops...

On 21 Mar, 15:19, "Joe Bryant" <j...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
di98mase wrote:

I have a problem that occurs every time I try to download a
program over the Internet. E.g. I tried to download/install acrobat
and Google sketch with the same behaviour. I chose to download the
and after a second a dialog appears where I press the "run" button to
the installer and the file(s) download is starting. I can se how the
proceeds sometimes I manage to download 3% and sometimes 11%.

First I thought that it was the firewall. I turned it off and even
uninstalled it => no change.
Then I tought it was the wifi network so I use cable => no luck.

I did manage to download Opera browser when I chosed a FTP site
instead of
HTP (I could chose a download site in a scroll menu and I used one
with FTP instead of HTP)

I thoought that it was IE7 but I have the same problem in Opera, I
install Sketch Up from Opera either!!

I have run Windows Update so I should have the latest patches etc...

What could be the problem?


What anti-virus/anti-spyware products do you have running? Is Avast one of
them?- Dölj citerad text -

- Visa citerad text -


I have Norton 360 (currently not in use since I want to make sure that
it is not causing the problem)