Free space no listed in status bar for removable drives

In my windows explorer, on my removable drives the free space is not
listed. So I have to go into drive properties and see the pie graph.
This is really annoying, especially when you consider that in windows
2000, the free space was always listed in the status bar. I have a
Kingston multicard reader, and the SD cards I'm concerned with are
either 32, 256 or 1024 MB. I know that there is not a problem with the
equipment becuase the operating system is the control. Actually, while
true, that isn't the only symptom. Everytime I restart I have the
chance for windows to reassign my SD drive a diferent letter. This is
annoying but the kind of annoying that happens when you drop something
and it turns out to be far from where you estimated that it landed.

Many thanks in advance!