Re: How can I resurrect/reinstal lost "My Computer" icon on desktop?

> > In article <tv4yf.91826$a15.77779@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
> > jim.greg@xxxxxxxxxxxx says...

> As u suggested, tried explorer in "Run" field. Still not listed there
> either. BTW, I'm using XP Pro with SP 2 and all MS updates.
> Still no solution encountered. Have I probably lost/corrupted a .dll in OS?

You might have tried what I said, but you weren't specific that you
typed in, and executed EXPLORER.EXE:

>From START/RUN type in EXPLORER.EXE; when EXPLORER opens
see if you still have MY COMPUTER icon there. If so, drag it to your
desktop. IT IS NOT QUITE THE SAME, but should serve most purposes.

If you cannot execute EXPLORER.EXE in the RUN command line, then you
have another problem.

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