Re: XP batch File, command line Zip, how?

Michael Butler wrote:
> "Steve Brooks" wrote
>> Michael Bednarek wrote:
>>> Michael Butler wrote in
> Snip
>>> The ZIP functionality that comes with Windows NT >5 has no command
>>> line interface - it's only available through the Explorer shell.
>> Will compact.exe not do the job?
>>> There are ways to roger that shell behaviour via a VBS script, but
>>> IMO the more practical solution is to get the proper tool for the
>>> job: a zipping command line program. I use WinZip's command line
>>> adjunct, WzZip and WzUnzip, but there are quite a few free ones
>>> around as well.
>> True.

> "Will compact.exe not do the job?" I tried this through the CMD
> editor, and using my test files (a few MHTML documents), there
> appears to be no compression? Whereas using 'zipped folder' in
> 'Windows Explorer' these get compressed to about half size. I presume
> that this is what you're referring to Steve?

Yes. I read the 'help' text without testing the program. And as - Kadaitcha
Man pointed out - it doesn't do what I thought it did. Sorry for leading you
up the garden path.