Re: Microsoft media keyboard

You need the proper install software to get all the extra function keys working. That will also allow some customization of some keys like setting the Search key to go to Google.
Thank you.
Intelli keyboard driver - well add on really, dev mngr still says I have a 101/102 kbd.
Found it eventually, m$ not making it easy for me. Download the right file for the right keyboard for the right OS - all 7Mb of it. Only to find it's a catch all download anyway and you only need the bit out of it for your kbd/os etc.
A shame the machine builder couldn't be ar**d to put it on the machine - I really do think the shop is s***t.

Next q. Anyone know a command I can't use get an already running program, but minimised to the sys tray, up and focused - the same as if I were to click it's icon in the sys tray. If I just try and 'run' the program it stays minimised/in the sys tray and I want it to pop up onto the desktop for use.