Re: newsgroup servers

On Tue, 8 Nov 2005 21:38:56 +0000, Lord Gazwad of Grantham
<gazwad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Ann, <somuchrubbish@xxxxxxxxx>, the empty-headed, naked as a jaybird
>freeloader, and dealer in dead animals, urped:
>> guys guys guys.. i need your assistance..
>> I've come back from a weekend away in sunny birmingham UK to find that
>> readfreenews has seemingly fallen over and teranews lets me download
>> but not reply any more.. it says my emails look like spam.. oh yeah..
>> crap.. so what are yous all using now??
>Astraweb works ok.

I'll bookmark that one although teranews seems to have relented and is
letting me post.. not that any posts are actually arriving anywhere
but then we can't expect everything...

>Otherwise those chermans at will give you
>an account for a small annual fee.
>> Ann
>> kissy kissy to all the hunky guys..
>If the knew what I was holding up for you to kissy kissy you would have
>closed your eye.

I'm not fussy.. but I'd even put my plastic eye in for you, Gazwad