Re: Microsoft is creating Zombie machines!!!

Dave wrote:
> Oh yeah ! But rip off software companies aren't thieves ?
> And oh yes - lets not forget about the loathsome parasitic shills
> that work for them - get what I mean !?!

Tell me, are you frothing now?

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>> Anthropy wrote:
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>>>>> Seeing as Microsoft are insisting on a scan to verify the
>>>>> legitimacy of every version of Windows before being allowed to
>>>>> download Windows updates, it occurred to me that many people with
>>>>> "dodgy" versions of Windows will no longer bother with the
>>>>> updates which must mean there are thousands, perhaps millions of
>>>>> unpatched machine out there ready to join the already huge army
>>>>> of zombie machines. Considering Microsoft have some pretty keen brains
>>>>> working for
>>>>> them they must have fore seen this. Question is why did they
>>>>> allowed it to happen?
>>>> They have already identified this and will not prevent the download
>>>> of critical updates for non legitimate PC's. They will not allow
>>>> non critical updates such as new drivers, media players, active X
>>>> etc
>>> I've been to Microsoft update, scanned my machine and told me the
>>> serial was bogus. I wasn't allowed to download anything including
>>> critical updates.
>>> Linux here I come.
>> That's where thieves like you belong.