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>>> How in the hell do you get help when help doesn't work. We have a
>>> printer that won't work on an XP computer. I have changed cables
>>> and even printers still no luck. When I go to use the trouble
>>> shooter I get nothing. zip, zero. Any suggestions. I swear these
>>> Microsoft people did this on purpose!
>>> Dave
>> MS don`t like guys called Dave. You`ll have to change your name to
>> Bill. <g>.
>> Have you had a look in Device Manager to see if the printer is
>> recognised ?.
>> You could Uninstall your printer there. Switch the printer on, and
>> restart the computer
>> XP will find new hardware and ask you for the software. HTH.
>> best wishes..OJ
> Thanks for the info. I had that in the back of my mind but didn't
> want to try it just yet. These things get me frustrated. I think I
> will let my Daughter work on the problem when she comes in Monday. The
> wife and daughter use the computers for their tax/accounting
> business. I use them for pleasure. :) We have more computers than
> brains!
> Bill :)

You use your wife and your daughter for pleasure?
Would you mind filming it for me?

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