Re: Can you help?

"nelly-knowall" <nelly-know-all@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Thanks I have moved single files but if I move the whole of say microsoft
> office will it still work?

No it will not.

> "zekolas" <zekolas@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
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>> nelly-knowall wrote:
>>> I have noticed a 4k bad sector on my 4GB hard drive which is almost
>>> full.
>>> My disk also has a 4GB hard drive which is empty. I would like to
>>> remove
>>> the partition to allow me access to some badly needed space. I cannot
>>> do
>>> this via Partition Magic because of the bad sector. My question is: Is
>>> there any software out there I can use to repair? Or can I use my
>>> operating
>>> system WINXP PRO?
>>> I cannot at present afford to buy a new drive let alone a computer.
>>> Thanks in advance
>> Why not just move some data to the empty partition, if you disk has bad
>> sectors, most of the time the rest will follow shortly