Idaho Mtn. Biker Hurt in Crash West of Bend

If an "experienced mountain biker" can crash and injure himself, what does that say about the safety of mountain biking? It doesn't exist!


Idaho Mtn. Biker Hurt in Crash West of Bend

SAR Rescues Boise Man on Tiddlywinks Trail

From KTVZ.COM News Sources
POSTED: 9:38 pm PDT June 13, 2012

BEND, Ore. -- An Idaho man mountain biking west of Bend crashed on a trail Wednesday and was taken to the hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries, authorities said.

Deschutes County 911 got a call around 2:20 p.m. from a mountain biker who had been riding the Tiddlywinks Trail southeast of Wanoga Butte and came across another biker who had just crashed while riding in a “wooped” (big bumps) section of the trail, said sheriff’s Deputy Jim Whitcomb, assistant search and rescue coordinator.

GPS coordinates were provided, based on the reporting party’s 911 phone call to dispatch, Whitcomb said.

Eight Sheriff’s Search and Rescue volunteers responded to the scene, assisted by Bend Fire paramedics, the deputy said. SAR personnel reached the scene by ATVs and mountain bikes, he added.

Deputies said the crash by Peter Ware, 46, of Boise, an experienced mountain biker, may have been due to unfamiliarity of the trail.

Ware, who had been wearing a bike helmet, said he briefly misjudged the trail’s terrain, Whitcomb said.

SAR personnel brought Ware by ATV “ambu-sled” to the intersection of Century Drive and Forest Road 4613, where an ambulance took him to St. Charles Medical Center-Bend, Whitcomb said.