Re: Shimano Deore Rear Derailer Problem

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P Neuberger wrote:
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(stuff deleted) I assume that it simply needs to be readjusted. It seems
like this is something that would require a change to the limit stop
screws. I'll try to dig into this over the weekend.

I know I could take it to a shop but this is not really my "go to" bike.
I bought it to learn how to do better maintenance without screwing up my
main ride.

Any advice?

I took a cursory look at this problem yesterday. I can change the cable
adjustment to make the shifter work on the high gears or adjust cable
back to hot the low gears. The rear derailleur just doesn't have the
range to hit all eight gears. Changing the limit screw adjusters does not
seem to help this.
Could the problem be in the shift levers?

So it shifts between the four smaller cogs (the outer ones) but will not
get up to the larger ones?

Try loosening the cable all the way (by shifting). It should be on the
smallest cog. Then, with the rear tire supported and with you pedaling by
hand, see if you can use your hand to move the derailluer the full range.
What I mean by that is, shift it using your hand instead of the
shifter/cable. That should tell you if it's the shifter or the derailleur

Is it one of those "rapid rise" (or whatever they're called) derailleurs
where it wants to shift to the larger cogs when the cable is loosened?

On my rear derailer, loose goes to the smallest gear.

Good advice Jim.

It's the shifter. If I mess with the shifter enough I can actually get the
shifter to work with all the gears. It seems like the shifter is worn out.
I'm looking into that now. I will probably take the shifter apart to look
at it tomorrow.