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Our local mtb club has gone and done it again! Access to another sizable
piece of land. The property is called Glacial Hill Preserve. It is 250+
acres of wooded, rolling hill terrain on Brookhaven Town proprty. It is
basically a parcel of unused land that is protected and cannot be
We read on the local mtb board that Hich (local trail builder) put a lot
work into the starting it up. We decided to go ride it and help ride it on
and pack the trail down as he had requested everybody to do when they got
the chance.

Here is the Google map:

So far, there is only 6 miles cut into it (one way trail), but it will be
growing bigger and bigger every few months. There is still a lot of work
to be done on this huge plot of land. The trail was designed and built to
different from all the other trails we have here on the island, so it was
exciting venture to get involved with. Jim and I will be donating time to
help build it further (as we have done with many other trails on the

The trail is only 5 miles away from our crib so we decided to ride there
through the jungle of traffic and cars trying to hit us along the way. We
were supposed to meet Frankie Froglegs, Ken and JimBones at the trailhead,
but usual, we ran late and by the time we got there, they were packing up
leave after just having ridden the trail. We asked them how the trail was
and they snickered and said we would love it, but it was just a tad soft
right now from now being ridden in yet. It took a couple of minutes for us
to locate where the trail started. The trail wasn't officially marked yet
we were working with the trailbuilders orange and blue flags tied to the
trees and branches. When our friends told us that the trail was soft, what
they meant was that it was barely visible from just being built. We really
depended on the flags to not lose our way in the tight and winding 6 mile
trail. We kept taking the wrong way and being spit out onto the fire road
where we had to find another flag to see where the trail continued. The
trail is built as spurs off of a fire road where it will eventually all be
linked up at a later point in time. Jim really liked the climbs and the
that it has. It was soft and hard to ride (almost felt like we were riding
in beach sand, the tires were sinking into the fresh dirt). It was very
and humid and then it began to rain very lightly, but it was not able to
through the thick canopy of the trees. We were beginning to get the flow
the trail quite nicely. There are sets of moguls and twists and turns that
add technical features to the trail. The moguls were natural features of
land, they were not built, but they were still too soft to ride over
having you tire sink into it as your going over. They will be awesome once
they are packed down.

This trail is definitely different than the others around here. Climbing
comes in short bursts (I have no idea what the highest >elevation point

There is a 1 mile long climb in there somewhere but we never found it. A lot
of changes in direction and a lot of slow speed maneuvers. The trail
features reminded me of a little piece of every trail we have, the tight
winding singletrack and fireroad crossovers (just like Bethpage), the moguls
(just like Rocky Point), the quick climbing bursts (just like Cathedral),
the flow (just like Calverton), the slow speed technical moves (just like
Stillwell). It was a little bit of everything.

We explored all of the trail that we could find and felt like we had found a
new home trail. Now all we have to do is talk some other local riders to
help ride it in and make it buff and packed down. We'll be going there as
often as we can to ride it in and help with trailwork. Pics will come next

- CA-G

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