Re: holy shit, I'm giving up MTBing

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Shawn wrote:

Castlewood Canyon in Castle Rock, and I seen one of these little snakes
on Apex.

This one aint little.
God they're scary.

You've only seen one at Apex? Shit you've probably run over three then, if you go there regularly.
Just stomp on its neck to hold it down, grab the tail and bite about 2" up from the rattle to cut it off. Split the skin in two up to the rattle and use it to tie the rattle to your left chain stay. Position so it hits the spokes and you'll never surprise a hiker again.
C'mon, show a little backbone, will ya?


Jack Bauer can do that blind folded with his hands tied behind his back!

but there'd be another snake lurking in the darkness.

and just when you thought the President was going to blow his brains out.....damn.