Re: Saving the environment?

Ride-A-Lot wrote:

He doesn't realize that on 98% of HOV lanes, they are open to all
traffic at non-rush hour times. Rarely have I ever seen an HOV lane
crawling unless there is a flat or accident. Those effect all lanes
anyway from rubber necking. I for one support HOV, even if I am a
single driver. My problem is not being able to find people who want to
travel at the same time I do.

Funny you mention that. I find (especially in phoenix) that people
really don't get that on weekends and during the day (not 7-9 am and
4-7 pm) that you can drive in those lanes no problem. But *I* did get
that after reading the sign for the 1st time. Still doesn't make it a
good idea. It doesnt' reduce pollution during rush hour. If that lane
were open to ALL traffic, then everyones cars would be getting better
mileage, thus less pollution total. If you are from AZ you will
remember the alternative fuels fiasco where people were allowed to
deduct from their state taxes, (not deduct from income but directly
deduct from taxes) the cost of converting their cars to natural gas.
Since converted cars could drive in the HOV lane with single occupants
MANY people took advantage of this so much that it bankrupt the state