Re: RR: A cool ride (very short)

Scott Gordo wrote:
Ride-A-Lot wrote:
Paladin wrote:
Rolled outta bed and the thermometer outside the drafty trailer read 10
degrees, f. Hound dog froze to the porch. Jug 'o shine thick as
molasses. Too cold? I'll commute in 10, but danged if I can remember
riding mtn down that low. Can't be that big a deal.

Well, meet the gang of 2 others at the park and we ride off by 9am, and
its sunny, still fairly cool, as it's warmed up to around 12.
Chemical handwarmers in the back of my mitts keep the fingers alive,
and the neopreme booties over the shoes keep the toes a goin. Poly
balaclava with a a good ole U. S. of A. bandanna under the helmet keep
the upper extremity from going bonkers.

Riding with a couple hot dogs, younger guys that start fast. Who dem
boyz tryin to impress anyhow?? One is our state xc sport-class
champion, and the other a really good technical rider, rhymes with

An older gent like me needs time to warm up, time to acclimate the
lungs, time to go back to bed, but hey, just stop your whining and
ride, Brown! So I do, and we do a really fun lil 8mi loop.

Creek crossings were "fun" since they were frozen solid and one bad
move, I knew it would be hurtin fer certain.

Wrap the ride with a big grin, try to get a good coffee, but the
bohemian rhapsody joint is jam packed with college kids on holiday.


8 miles is better than no miles and you warm up fast anyway.

Friggin college kids. Where'd they get the money to enjoy decent coffee
anyway? When I was in college it was tasters choice instant, and then
most of the time it was the Krogers brand.

o-o-o-o Ride-A-Lot o-o-o-o

Yeah, but there was always money for beer.
Black Label, $8 a case if I remember correctly.
Good name, Canadian, tasted kinda like a Miller High Life filtered
through old Chuck Taylors.


Screw that. We had $1.50 pitchers of ice cold Genessee Cream Ale. Well, it was that Strohs, or Old Milwaukee.

Then again, there were several times I was left fully unconscious by $1.68 six packs of TAP beer. That was the brand - TAP.

o-o-o-o Ride-A-Lot o-o-o-o