Re: My current dangerous medical condition of which fibromyalgia is a semi-bit player

On Apr 4, 9:07 am, Michael B <baugh...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Reason I asked is that many (actually, most) people go
in, have their thyroid function assessed, get told that it's
low, get put on a synthetic, and can then count on a long
duration of paying the doctor to send the kids to medical
HOWEVER, thyroid supplementation is NOT to be done
with co-existant adrenal dysfunction.
So I certainly endorse the more holistic approach, but
the doctor most likely to do that is an osteopathic physician.
After taking medical boards with the M.D. candidates, they
take another, extremely rigorous, set of boards to be able
to get their D.O. title.


In my case thyroid is normal. Also, I told my chiropractor
and medical doctor that I suffer from adrenal exhaustion;
not that they told me that. They agree with my evaluation,
which also includes some fibromyalgia.

So, at length I have decided to treat myself. I can do
this because I am naturopathically trained. I continue
to see my chiropractor regularly; I will see my medical
doctor again six weeks from now. I continue to focus
on diet and exercise.

Thanks for everything,
David Christainsen