Re: Is Myofacial Pain a part of Fibromyalgia?

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Dragonfly, it sounds like to me what you have is Trigeminal
you should see your doctor about it and start getting proper
and read
about it and see if this fits. I have this, a bit of breeze
me pain, but a light touch does. Incidently I have had FM, but I
had myofacial pain.

Hrm, the pain description is accurate for some of the pains I feel,
but it is whole-body, not limited to face. And actually, my face is
normally not painful (aside from my lips, which I tend to bite on
I'm nervous or stressed, so they're always a ragged mess, but that's
an easily understandable pain!)

This sounds like one of the types of pains that are part of
pain, though MP is also whole-body. The more I research this and
more suggestions and comments from others I read about this, the
it sounds like myofascial pain. Which makes me very unhappy...
for no reason other than to hurt isn't something I want to have.
if it keeps worsening at this rate, I'll end up on terribly strong
opiate pain killers, and that is NOT something I am comfortable
considering at all even for just short periods of time, much less
daily use :/

Thanks for the suggestion though, I appreciate it when people point
in new directions.


I guess I miss read, I thought the pain was in the face when you said
breeze set the pain off. This is kind of rare not a whole lot of
have it but more than I know of I'm sure. Trigeminal Neuralgia only
the face and certain parts of it. With me it is the outside of my
hurts to touch it. When washing my face taking a shower I do a little
when i forget about it. It effects my upper skin under my nose and
roof of my mouth down into the left side of my upper teeth. When bad,
have to numb my teeth and gums to brush them and it hurts to talk. It
only effect one side of your face.

*nods* I'll mention it. I keep a list of "things to tell doctor" in
the back of my journal of medications (I forget so much, I've taken to
writing down every time I take meds exactly what I took, and exactly
when I took it, and then stick it all in excel so that I might be
properly depressed and discouraged at how often I forget... *amused*)

Actually, my doctor loves me for it, both so she has an idea of how
the meds are working and so that I always have a list of issues to
talk to her about even if I completely forget by the time I see her :)

Breezes (and clothes, and sitting on anything, and laying down on
anything) seems to affect my arms, legs, torso, not so much my face
but my head definitely; sometimes even my uber-thick fluffy down
pillow is too "hard" to lay my head down on. Sometimes just the
"pressure" of wearing my uber-lightweight glasses is enough to make me
feel like my head is in a C-clamp right at the points where my glasses
touch the side of my head. And no, the glasses aren't tight, they
actually are very loose and prone to falling off my face (I usually
wear contacts everywhere outside the house...)

This specific kind of pain is not all the time, but I am in a lot of
pain all the time, different kinds of pain so when this relatively
smallish pain (comparativly) starts hurting, I freak out and fall
apart ... like the "straw that broke the camel's back" kind of
thing. :/

If you have these symptoms going on in
your face and they are extremely painful, you might have more than one
going on with your body. My grandmother had it where a breeze would
pain off. I didn't realize my Uncle had it so I don't know what set
off. They are both gone now. But if you even think you may have it,
mention it to your neurologist or who ever you are seeing and let them
figure it out. There are things that can be done for it and
it. It never hurts to be sure about something. With me it doesn't
the time, only when aggravated and there are times for up to a year
doesn't bother me at all. I am very lucky as there are people who
pain most of the time.

This particular type of pain, yea, not all the time. Its probably
hurting about 4-8 times a month, and doesn't seem to really be
triggered by anything. Could be triggered by stress, I haven't been
monitoring that just because its much too discouraging to note when
stress makes me hurt more, and kinda causes a feedback loop: I'm
stressed so I hurt more and the more I hurt and pay attention to the
fact that I am hurting, the more stressed I get and thus the more I
hurt ... etc.

...gagh. I sound totally discouraged in this post. Its been an awful
day, I'm not usually this bad. really.
Anyways, thanks again, I appreciate you taking the time to tell me
about this. Not everyone would bother.


Pain isn't fun to live with, but if I can give you a little advise it
help. You can tell me to go to heck if you wish. But try your best not
let the pain drag you down emotionally. It will put you in a depression
that is hard to get out of. It is kind of like a vicious cycle. Try to
look at the world as a playground and you are going to play in it, have
and the pain is not going to stop you. Thank heavens above that things
aren't worse than they are because they could be. You would be surprised
what is wrong with me and what I have gone through but I will not let it
me down. I am one hedoublell of a fighter and I use the net to forget my
pain. I was going to leave this group as I thought I could help you as I
thought you had Trigeminal Neuralgia, but now I don't think you do. But
need cheering up and maybe I can help with that. So I will stick around
bug you and hopefully get your mood to change.
I had Fibromyalgia at one time, I had it for about 5 or 6 years so I know
how bad the pain is, but I beat it and have basically been pain free for
about 8 years now. I have times when It comes back for a few days but
it goes away. Stress generally sets mine off. But I try to keep my life
stress free as possible, nothing is worth the pain. Ronnie I know your
there won't you please join in. You don't have FM but you know how to
fun even though you are in pain. Dragonfly, I hang with people who are
upbeat and fun, I will see if I can get some others in here if you don't
mind if they don't have FM. Is that OK? Just a couple people but very
people. Or just tell me to go away and I will. I don't take offense,
but I
would like to see you pull out of this funk you are in and hopefully
much stay out of it.- Hide quoted text -

- Show quoted text -

I am not trying to flame you or to be disagreeable, but since you
really haven't had symptoms of chronic never ending pain for years, it
may be hard for you to remember that distraction does very little to
relieve the pain. I really am happy that for what ever reason, your
symptoms have waned, but I really don't think that having a light
hearted approach is that easy when you are in pain. How ever that
said, I think it's very nice of you to try to help her feel better.--

I'm not pain free Fran, I don't take what you are saying the wrong way. My
FM is not hurting me, well maybe a little but not enough to speak of. But
right now the Trigeminal Neuralgia is in full bloom for lack of better
words. I guess what I am saying is to not dwell on the pain, don't let it
consume you, don't let the pain win. I'm not putting anyone down here that
is in pain as believe me I do know what pain is. I just hope that in some
small way I can help someone to not let the pain win. As we all have the
potential to not let it. I'm happy, I'm in pain but I am happy as I simply
will not let my self go the other way. I don't always win Fran. Sometimes
it gets me down and I have a good cry but you know it doesn't change a
thing, maybe gets rid of some frustration but I can go into depression in
short order and I don't like it there. That is why I fight so hard not to
let the pain rule my life. Can you understand that? If you all really
think I will be of no help I will go away, I really am not here to cause
problems, I thought perhaps there was someone here that has what I have and
I would have someone to talk to about it. But what Dragonfly said touched
my heart and I hoped to share what I do to keep myself out of the dumps and
try to be happy. When I sat down here this morning I had a raging migraine,
I took medication and I'm sure that got rid of the migraine, but when I sat
here I totally forgot about the migraine and concentrated on what I was
doing and first thing I knew it was gone. It works for me and I love
talking to people it keeps my mind off myself. I wish you pain free days
ahead too. {{hugs}}