Re: Last Day of Hannukah

At my store its right next to the corn meal.>g< If your grocery store
doesn't carry it you might have to find a good deli. You don't have to
use matzah but I prefer it. Corn meal and wheat flour will do nicely

Nanny wrote:
And, pray tell where can I find matzah meal in a grocery store? :-) They
really sound very good. Nanny
"johnie" <jhugh@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
Oh but annie, if they are not home made...preferably with your mama's
loving hands then they aren't really latkes>g< and Nanny be sure to use
matzah meal for your batter.


annie wrote:
i was raised jewish although i am now catholic...i still love latkes<g>
they are potato pancakes...u can even buy them in the store in the
freezer section..or in boxes ready to make usually in an ethnic foods
section of the supermarket...(making them all yourself means grating
potatoes and onions for ever..tried it once..never again!!)
they are delicious with applesauce or sour cream....oh..u can get
potato pancakes at most pancake places(ihop etc)...
now i am getting hungry...<G>
Nanny wrote:
Not being Jewish, what are latkes? Curious minds need to know ;-)
<glenonster@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
On this the last day of Hannukah, I want to wish everyone HAPPY
And hope we all get through it without too much stress! Well, off to
eat latkes!

Tennessee Gloria
(only the iguanas know for sure)