Re: Birthday List

Thanks Alex, where was my mind?


"Alex" <abarna@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Mercy wrote:
Where is the May birthday list .... did I miss it? Anyway, Happy
Birthday all you May people. May is one of my favorite months of
the year.



I posted it on time for a change so you may have not have seen it. ;-)


01 Debbie H (dbhoover48)
14 Linda (Ragen1) (inferno)
23 Lisa (Moana Lisa)(missthing2u)
25 Carolyn T (CMT525)
25 David Harris (david)
26 Jillian (jill)
26 Nicky (nickyschouwstra)
27 Pam (Carl&Pam) (ceira)
27 Gidget (puppypaws)
28 Lisa
28 Ellen in Arkansas (edickins)



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