Re: Nettie

You know Johnie, after I got up, the kids came over for about an hour and
wore me out again. I then slept on/off all day/evening until now and I am
going up stairs to bed. I get restored some but tire out easily. I do
think it is the chemo though because I have never, and I mean never slept
like this. Since the chemo, it seems Sunday/Mondays really hit me hard.
But now I am on a break from the chemo so we will see how I do from
Wednesday to Wednesday this next week.

By the way, I wanted to ask if anybody in ASA has lymphoma? This is
supposedly caused by the RA. Can you please ask over there and let me know?
Please? Thanks Johnie.


"johnie" <jhugh@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
Mercy wrote:
I slept 16.5 hours last night; can you even imagine?

not in my most delusional state can i imagine 16 hours of sleep. oh my
god. how was it? Did you get some strong restorative periods out of it
or can you tell. Sorry for being nosy but I am really curious how you
feel after sleeping that long. I hope it felt good. I know your body
needs the extra healing some deep sleep would bring.

healing desert thoughts,