Discrimination to Bulgaria

To all the buyers and especialy Sellers.

I must say that 90 % of the sellers on ebaY don't ship to Bulgaria (that's where I'm from) a few hours ago I won and auction about a Nikon film camera, I bid for it, I staid til' it ends and I won it fairly.

After I won it I received a message from the seller who I gently asked can he ship it to Bulgaria he said that he will! After shortly I received another message from the same seller who told me that " He will NOT ship my won item because he wanted to avoid scam and he don't ship to Bulgaria.

This is a discrimination, before that I checkt at least 30 auctions and no one ships to Bulgaria.And I must say that worldwide shipping is rarely too.

I just want to buy like everyone else

You people (USA) are not the only one.


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