Re: Easiest way of counting characters?

Whoosh wrote:
I found a marvelous little text program called Jarte. Highly
recommended. Have been using it for several days and am discovering
things all the time. Its very similar to Wordpad and is designed as
an enhanced version of it. And am using Microsoft Word 2007 more
too. Its so bloody complex yet its showing its usefulness as well.
Between the 2 of them its much better now. I use Open Office's
Swriter from time to time but found it had problems porting stuff
over to Wordpad and Word. Who needs that kind of non-standard
communication hassles? That should be the first order of priority in
its design. If your work can't be seen as it was created its
useless. Otherwise OO Swriter is great and seems like a great stab
at word processing. It should be called Swriter Island cause that's
where you'll be if you use it. :)

Amazing the amount of technology we seem to want to go to
in order to count to 80.


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