Re: Is there a better way of searching Ebay?

Can anyone recommend some websites that make searching Ebay better? Ebay, upon their revision to the Playground a few months ago elected to reduce the maximum number of characters in the Find box. So its really bad now. I tried searching from the Address Bar but the same number of characters apply. Is there a better way? (Ebay's Advanced Search is not a solution for this.)

Lets pick a really difficult item - one with a tremendous supply that we want to filter. Ipod. I'll select a model, then I may filter a color or two, I might require a minimum storage size, a certain age requirement, and I'll try to filter out as many broken ones that are being sold for parts as possible. So the search string could be very long. Way longer than Ebay will every allow. Like I said, a difficult item to search for if you really are focused on getting a good deal.

Why would anyone want to buy an iPod on eBay?

Its just an example of something difficult to search for.

Sequence: lowest price first
Check "search descriptions"

Ipod model (pink, blue) -used -parts

The hundreds of results you're going to get, have nothing to do
with any ineffectiveness of eBay's search. It's that everyone and
his dog are listing these things.

Kris, I was at this level on the second hour on Ebay. Sorry to come across as a beginner. I kind of live on this website. The key to extracting deals on Ebay is negative filtering. And that requires very long search strings. And that's why Ebay's Find search box doesn't work.