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2. Unpaid Item Assistant lets eBay open and close cases for sellers automatically. "When enabled, the Unpaid Item Assistant allows you to automatically open a case if your buyer doesn't pay after a specified period of time. You can choose to set that time as four, 16, 24 or 32 days after the listing closes. If four days pass without payment after the case is opened, an unpaid item will be recorded on the buyer's account, the case will be closed and your Final Value Fee will be automatically refunded. At that time, the buyer won't be permitted to leave Feedback for that item."

Yep, a good one.

But man! Kris said it was bear coming back after a 6 month hiatus? Try coming back after 3 years. So many rules.

Like Iggy, I've been doing fine on Craig's List. But I found an "antique book" (nod to Kris) in the attic, and figured I'd give it a go on eBay, now that apparently the first 5 listings per month are free? (God knows I could be confused about that too.)

They are not really free. First, they are not free at all if you list
with listing software instead of ebay website. Second, they entail a
much higher final value fee.

Too many rules! Sheesh! Why don't they just design warranty and shipping policies and be done with it already? (Looks like they've decided they want to be Amazon, except there's already an Amazon.) And ironically, while I never had any luck selling books on eBay, I actually did manage to sell pretty regularly on Amazon for a brief time.

They do not even know what they want. One day they want to cater to
big sellers. Then that scares away small sellers. Then they try to be
Amazon, scaring away all flea market type activity.

Even buying on eBay is rarely worth it. Their search engine sucks - I actually have better luck searching eBay with Google than with eBay's search engine. That's just sad.

It is the sheer amount of overpriced junk listings that kills ebay
searches for me.

But I bought something fun last night.

I will take out and sell the diesel engine with hydraulic pump, and
scrap the rest.


And the chances of the diesel engine having anything to do with "does not run" are....?

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