Re: Newbie Seller Got Me....I Knew It....

Lumpy wrote:

clams casino wrote:

...You bid a price you were willing
to pay. Your bid should have
nothing to do with a seller's costs.

He bid a price he was willing to pay for
widget + PM shipping. It wouldn't matter
if the seller's cost for that shipping was
$4 or $10 or $0. The stated term was "Priority Mail"
which the buyer didn't receive.

I'd agree that the bid should have nothing to do
with the seller's costs. BUT the buyer should
receive what he bid on. In this case, that
was PM shipping. It doesn't even matter if PM
is as fast as 1st class. Maybe the buyer is
allergic to manilla. Maybe the buyer owns stock
in the company that makes the PM boxes. Maybe
the buyer re-uses the PM mailers. Doesn't matter.
He didn't get what he contracted for.

Craig 'Lumpy' Lemke

I received an item this week where the seller stated it would be shipped in a cardboard box.. It arrived in a corrugated kraftboard box.

Should I demand a refund since I didn't get what I contracted for?

I suspect a corrugated box costs more than a cardboard box. Should I offer to mail him the difference in cost?

The box appears to have been previously used? Should I demand a refund for the cost of the box?

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