Re: Silly PayPal Dispute

"Gini" <gini@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:RRJMg.69$XR3.15@xxxxxxxxxxx
So buyer (newbie, FB 7+) pays ($113.) via PP on a Saturday and Monday I
ship to her (unconfirmed) PP address, insured/DC/Priority and send her a
shipping confirmation. That was mid Aug. Last week she emails wondering
where her package is and if
she doesn't hear from me by Monday, will file a PP claim. No biggie, I dig
out the DC and run the number. It's at her nearby PO because it
couldn't be delivered and notice was left for addressee. I email buyer the
details/DC number.
Next day she writes: "I don't think so! That isn't even my address!" So, I
tell her that is the only address PP provided and please check her
records. Next, I receive a dispute notice from PP--"Package
not received. Seller doesn't respond to emails--Refund immediately!" So, I
respond that package was shipped and numerous
emails to buyer are on record per eBay messaging and include DC number and
details about package at PO. Then buyer emails that the address I used
is her "gift" delivery address that must have been a PP "glitch," sorry
the PP mistake and please send package to her "CONFIRMED PRIMARY address."
Well, except that she doesn't have a "CONFIRMED PRIMARY address"
w/ PP acct. info I'm receiving and the package is still at the PO (appx
2000 mi from me and about 10 mi from her). I politely respond that the
original actual shipping cost was 11.80. and the quickest and cleanest
resolution would be for her to simply pick the package up at the PO. Think
she will :-)? It's been 6 days since I told her where the
package is and it's still there--I'm guessing she hadn't counted on

tell her that if she phones the "po" they will make arraingments to
redeliver it to her on a day that is suitable for her to recieve it.