Re: I actually found a piece of Louis Ruyeyser memorabilia ...

On Mon, 05 Jun 2006 14:05:32 -0700, Ken Barr <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

So I wuz in my local coin emporium a few days ago, searching
through the deeler's inventory for hidden bargains and looking
for stuff I could sell on eBay, when we got into a conversation
about eBay sales, advertising, newsgroups, etc. and the subject
of Louis Rukeyser's recent demise and the subsequent discussion
on a.m.o.e somehow came up ...

Imagine my surprize when the deeler goes into the back room,
roots around for a while, and come back out front with this:

(square plastic holder with an Eisenhower doller and card
reading "With the Bullish Best Wishes of Louis Rukeyser"
for those not interested in pulling up the image ...)

So he sez to run it on eBay and donate the proceeds to
charity. (HEY, not ALL koin deelers are scumbags!)

'Course not! *You're* here, right?

So I need some suggestions as to which charity to donate
the proceeds to ... they gotta be on the eBay approved
charity list, so the Lumpford Center for the Humor Impaired
does not count ...

I was gonna suggest The Nature Conservancy, since it's a genuine good-guy
organization and the new Secretary of the Treasury is [was?] the President of
their Board of Directors, but I don't see them on the eBay list. Oh, well.

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