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More on just how bad Mastercam truly is from the Mastercam Is
Wrong Choice blog:

Update 12-17-2011:

Posted today to the eMastercam forum:

"Mastercam is driving me friggin insane with it's limitations,
constant chaining requirements, outdated alogrithims, usless
machining, and generally unfriendly surfacing toolpaths."

Use TopSolid then, unless you enjoy being insane.


Actually, I wish I has started using TopSolid V6 many years ago..
reason I didn't is that Missler Software stupidly appointed a a no
good, low life in SoCal who thankfully can no longer sell

You come up with an excuse that is no longer valid. Start using
TopSolid NOW.


Like the company you work for, I use multiple programs. I'm sure the
company you work for has their reasons. I certainly have mine.

Great news, it means you are stuck with Mastercam.
Keep searching for a better more advanced integrated CADCAM package with
hybrid capabilities and innovative technologies, easy to learn and use
with friendly vendors. It keeps your attention off your job and me


It's much more than entertainment. I totally own you.

I am stuck with Mastercam to some extent but the market here is
changing rapidly.

You could try learning it?
If you havn't seen this webinar, watch it.
If you did see it and you posted this crap your incapable of clear
It's 1.5 hours of instruction from one of the authors.
There's things in here you cant figure out on your own.
For example....

In the simulation, if you select quick sim, it's not accurate, and could
out as much as 5 thousandths.
(you'd think someone would of told us this after all these years).
You have to actually see the cutter do the simulation, then your sim model
is accurate and can be used
in the simulation compare.
(I can see .0001 facets on large circles when I sim at .00005 and take the
time to let it run
See maybe your dipshit buddies on emastercam who claimed gouges did the
quick sim.???
It's one of those things you can't guess at. Yah, there's a bunch of
like that.

The first thing you tell a person learning to program is get inside the
of the writers, and figure out how they machine.
Then your able to take the software beyond what the writers planned for..

Should you have to hunt down this knowledge....yes. It's a mans sport.
If it's too much to deal with, sell avon, amway, etc...
It's 1.5 hours of instruction from one of the authors.

Wrong again. Do you ever get anything right?

Dave Conigliaro is not the author of any of the Mastercam HSS

I bet a guy here a soda I could take an hour of your life.

Hope you enjoyed the webinar.

I did enjoy it... years ago.