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will take my simple little challenge:

This is a tutorial that's included with CAMWorks. I used this tutorial
as part of an evaluation that I'm doing. The reason for the evaluation
is to find the best CAM product that runs inside of SolidWorks for
production machining job shops who are using horizontal machining
centers with pallet pools.

The focus here was to evaluate how well the MachineWorks solid cut
part verification software component is integrated into CAMWorks
compared to market sales leader Mastercam. In my testing I found that
CAMWorks blows the doors off Mastercam when it comes to making best
use of the MachineWorks software component. It took only a few minutes
to set this verification up in CAMWorks. I'm sure it would take even
less time for someone who is a CAMWorks power user... which I'm not.

I'd like to issue a challenge to Mastercam users. Do the exact same
thing I've done in this video using Mastercam Verify and post your
video to You Tube. Mastercam fanboi's love to blame MachineWorks as
the reason Verify in Mastercam works so poorly. I'm here to tell you
that you're wrong and you have no idea what you're talking about. The
problem is with Mastercam and not with MachineWorks and this video
proves it.

Video made with CamStudio running Machine simulation on Mastercam X6.

I didnt want to take the time to set vices up but it would be easy enough
to impliment.

I drew the tombstone and the part geometry up from scratch and it took a
total of 15 minutes to go from empty part file to simulation.