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I just want to add that I don t see why people aren t paid more for
less hours of work- it seems to make sense to me to enable more people
to buy more stuff that would employ more folks; fewer hours would give
them the time to go and spend more and employ others to make up the

The problem is between technology gains, shipping gains, and more people in
the world working, the only real solution is less hours. It's an adjustment
that has to happen. It's been happening since the beginning of time, but now
we are trying to control it by always having growth.
  However, the french forced less hours, and the country almost fell into
civil war. It takes time for things to level out, and whos the ones who want
to be in that 10 year hell.
not me.

I think this all started with womans lib, and has been helped along with
free trade. If the women didnt enter the workforce we would not have a
worker surplus, and if free trade wasn't so prevelent we wouldn't be on this
freakish race to automate everything so we can compete with peasant

The answer to all this is time. And its gonna be a long time till its on its
natural course again. unless there is a world war or a huge world disaster,
it'll prolly take 50 years to fix itself.

in 50 years, this is gonna be a very different world. I see a seperation
from government by the masses. Smaller governments, bigger private corps.

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you may be proven correct on your image of the future- there has been
a fracturing of states into smaller ones, ( yugoslavia, ussr,
czechoslovakia, and there are a whole host of separatists in many
other nations)- and there has been an algamation of corporations going
under a single banner too.