Re: more mastercamx5 hoopla...

On Jan 14, 5:48 pm, jim <"sjedgingN0Sp"@m@mwt,net> wrote:
vinny wrote:
  Most gouges these days are from imperfections in the model. Using iges,
step, etc... sorta filters that crap out.
  There's always more gouging when using the model some shithead designer
made in the same system.

If that were the case wouldn't exporting the geometry out as IGES (or
STEP or whatever)  and then importing it back in fix it so that there
were no gouges?



Mastercam and cimatron are like comparing sockets and fixed wrenches, except
the cimatron socket says snap on on it and the mastercam fixed wrench says
china on it.

Black Dragon

If you are what you eat, does that mean Euelle Gibbons really was a nut?

IT13 imports "bad" surfaces as untrimmed - parent surfaces, flagging
them in RED & FONT change.
A few clicks to trim them back up & if necessary change the type of
surface to Bezier
Wire frame & surface modeling were IT's strengths, light years ahead
of Mscam.

How does MC X deal with complex surface creation & trimming? Any
better these days?

The reason is, we do alot of nests & fixtures for 3D injection molded
We all know they are not quite "true" to the database for whatever
reason (another topic)
So the 3D database has to be "massaged" for the plastic part to fit a
machined nest w/o marking the part. Sometimes surfaces cleared out .
005-.010" to miss only certain features not necessary in the nest ,
but still "look" like a nice 3D cavity to the customer. No gouges from
the hand grinder! LOL

Any one do re-modeling/ schmoozing like that in Mc X?