Re: more mastercamx5 hoopla...

vinny wrote:
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Joe788 wrote:
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Who's software can Bullnose or Sqr.bottom
mill W/O gouging?
picture a roller coaster ride shape, now run a sqr bottom mill up &
down those hills- confined by odd boundry. Good luck Mscam,



LOL! WTF? You think Mastercam can't do that? Mastercam can do that
18 different ways.

And since about V5.

look, I am an underdogger, and joo guys keep making me switch sides
post to post.

Yah, mastercam can do Since ver 5 as a matter of fact.

I probably build 300 molds with the V5 release cycle.
Can't remember ever havig a problem with gouges because of the tools I

John R. Carroll