Re: more mastercamx5 hoopla...

"vinny" <friggenbozo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in

I just want to add my experiences here on top of what you have said.

For those who care, so far I give x5 a thumbs up.

The conversion from 4 to 5 was painless. It would of been even easier
if I knew there was an update utility that does your post processors,
configs, machine files, etc... automatically.
But it still only took me 5 minutes.
The only issue was one of my posts is customized to prompt you for a
speed code for each tool, I had to make a minor fix in the length of
the prompts, seems they got shorter, half my prompts were gone. No
biggie. All else went smooth.

I wont even go in to my experience with the install of Mastercam X5. I
am happy that they are keeping up with the times and porting to the new
version of windows, but they really need to hire some coders that know
what the hell they are doing. Thats all that I will say about that.

The only bug Iv'e found is in the high speed toolpaths, in the area
clean. Its kind of a high speed planer pocket rough, and seems to cut
shallow by the step down amount. But none of the other ones do it,
scallop, shallow, etc... The good news is all the different types of
high speed cuts for 3d stuff are in the same op page. So you can try
one, than try another without making a new op each try. That's a huge
plus. Major time savings.

I cant even begin to tell you how unhappy I am with this system where
bugs are concerned. There are several bugs in the 2d high speed and the
new optirough tool paths. The face milling has bugs in single direction
with step downs. The Tool databases are botched (I just got two new bug
numbers yesterday). Circle mill has new bugs. X style coolant was
screwed up yet again which seems to happen with every new release.
Something is wrong with the defaults so when you start new tool paths
your z values change with ever new operation and it always reverts back
to the first tool selected rather than holding the tool that you are
currently using... I can go on and on.

The setup sheets are da bomb. They come with a thing called active
designer, basically a web designer. and it's pretty damn sweet. In no
time you can have yourself the perfect setup sheets. And if you make
your own the setup sheet generate time can be dropped to seconds.

I like the idea of active reports but they need some decent
documentation for it or at least set it up so that the default is usable
rather than just posting out information for every single operation in
your part file. If you have a part that consists of 100 operations or
more, you'll be all day and three trees worth of paper printing until
you get it dialed in to your liking.

The dynamic ucs got better, its as nice as UG's is now.

I havent noticed any difference between dynamic usc or dynamic transform
since X4 but I really like this feature. This is an A+++ for this
system. It makes moving parts around and creating new ucs very easy and

Facing got better. Little gimmics like change direction on the last
pass to keep the edge deburred. It has a real badass dynamic face, but
it leaves a tiny bit of stock when using bull cutters. Pretty cool
none the less.

Read my first paragraph for my impression of their X5 face milling. Nice
work Mastercam.

The lathe got better too, little things that really matter.......

We dont really use lathe so I cant comment on it.

No crashes.
the high speed toolpaths take literally one tenth the time to

I have only experienced a few crashes. Nothing compared to the X2 days
when I would experience 10 crashes a day. The high speed tool paths seem
to take the same amount of time to process as they did in X4 but then
again I havent sat there with a stop watch. I do however notice that the
2d high speed tool paths are about 20% more code and double the data as
x4 when you look at the size (nci data) in the individual operation. I
heard a rumor that this would be fixed in MU1.

The verify is still slow as a pig. I feel bad for 5 axis users.

I agree 100% If you compare Mastercam to some of the even lower grade
systems the graphics not only suck, but they are slow.

All in all for lathe and mill... non 5 axis this stuff ROCKS!!!
5 axis...Id say it sux due to the verify, but I have no cllue

I love Mastercam and how customizable that it is. I love the processor
support and also the vast community of support behind it. They really
need to get their shit together though. Stop releasing such bug ridden
garbage! Do something with the out dated shit graphics!