Re: Jan 3rd, 2007....remember the date!!

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You mean they didn't have access to the same "intelligence" that he had
access to?

No, they had access to the "intelligence" that Bush wanted them to
have. The president is the one that has direct authority over the US
Intelligence and the people in charge of the intelligence serve the

So the House Intelligence Committee only sees what the President wants
them to see?

Oddly appears you are just another stupid leftwinger who
blathers about things he was out smoking a bong during that boring
Government class, and missed out on.

Ever hear about THESE people?

Or these?

Wrong, check the facts, & btw only Congress can declare war

And Congress can only FUND war too.  So why has the Democrat Majority..a
majority for almost 4 yrs now..kept funding the war?


"The Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (D/CIA) reports
directly to the Director of National Intelligence (DNI); in practice,
he deals with the DNI, Congress (usually via the Office of
Congressional Affairs), and the White House, while the Deputy Director
is the internal executive. The CIA has varying amounts of
Congressional oversight, although that is principally a guidance role"