Re: OT: Holiday depression - coping.

"BillT" <kinzie@xxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:hgb5ua$sf6$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
On 12/15/2009 11:56 PM, gk wrote:

Wow, Bill, I'll bet you feel a lot better now. Nothing like the advice
from a TOTAL LOOSER to cheer you up. Of course, I know you don't really
read jb's bog (nor does anyone else).

Happy Holidays!

I find it interesting the fact I bring up the topic introduces the
assumption I'm the one depressed (and not working - both counts wrong
thankfully). I have a lot to be thankful for and would like others to have
that same feeling. It's the human thing to do. And no, I don't read the
"blog". I looked at it in the past to give the author the benefit of the
doubt but found it was a cut-and-paste montage of advertisements.


The guy is a nutcase. Look what people have posted in here about his
personal life. The Jackass literally got thrown out of Florida. And what
about him stealing pizza from a trade show. NOT to mention his own posts
pointing out that he has down syndrome.
The idiot buys every obsolete piece of inspection equipment west of the
rockys, piles it up on a tool box he bought and shows off the pics bragging
about his great job, only thing is the backround looked like it was a
basement. Definite shithole.
Then he starts posting about running a broken fadel, and ever since
nothing but drilling holes.

The guy is a whako even for california and Usenet.