Re: How Does Your CADCAM System Handle Real World Simulation Tasks?

"Joe788" <larryrozer@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

"Solid Cut Part Verify / Simulation:

Esprit has it all over Mastercam X4 in this area.

No it does not sir.

The integration of
MachineWorks in Esprit is easily the best I?ve ever seen in a CADCAM
system. Here is a specific example of what I mean when I say that the
integration of MachineWorks in Esprit is easily the best I?ve ever
seen in a CADCAM system. Lets say you wish to accurately simulate a
part that needs 4 vice operations to be complete. Esprit allows you to
save what they call a .SIM file. This .SIM file will automatically be
placed relative to an Active Work Plane that you establish for your
second operation so if you need the part flipped over for your second
operation you set up your Active Work Plane for the second vise to be
flipped over. That?s all you need to do!


Step away from the cam system.

You need to ditch that silly blog and learn a little c, vb, tcl, or whatever
your crappy system supports.


Lets compare this to what
Mastercam makes you go through: Mastercam doesn?t have anything like
an .SIM file or any way to automate this process. You have to use STL
Transform to manually move your saved cut part STL file from your
first operation and then manually save it in the position you need it
to be in for your second operation.
************* Your killing me man?


Moving, rotating and placing STL
files in Mastercam is an arduous process at best.

It's simple as hell, but doesn't matter, it's a stupid way of acieiving what
you seem to nt be acieiving..

The latter process
is so impractical and so labor intensive that in Mastercam no one
Has stopped laughing up interal organs to email you back a responce.
the time to do accurate / real cut part simulation that shows what
actually is happening on the machine when it comes to something like a
multi-vise setup."

Dood, this is a knowledge thing, not a capabaility thing

How does your CADCAM system handle real world simulation tasks like
those that have been described above?


You need to get a cracked version of UG5, and the cast tutorial for it, and
run the manufacturing tut.
After that from what you learned you will be able to make mastercrap do the

Or send me 100$ and i'll sned you instructions how.