Re: can anybody compare UG to PRO-E?

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Anyway, Ive used pro-e...and well, could happen again (...), but I never
used the manufacturing module.
 I'm real happy with UG, problem is some shops have pro-e, if you get
what I'm hinting about.

Have you checked with the local headhunters for the shops with UG? Chasing
software is a dead end. You just get good a one then jump to another. Then
try and go back to the original... Unless your doing really simple work....


Well, problem is you have to go where the work is.

Ah got ya.
All I can tell ya is my experiences in mold shop environments, which
is what I think you want to stay in?
Pro/e jobs do demand higher pay thats for sure. Not too many "good"
Pro/E jockeys out there in the mold industry. The few that are, are
very good, but usually not machinists. Basically designers/engineers,
a different caliber, so to speak. These people are way up there, in
the "clouds". Guru's. Not bad guys, but have no clue on "real world"
mold manufacturing. For example mention MC or Smartcam & get the
snub<g> maybe a bad example? but I think you know what I mean.
I too thought that Pro/E experience would be nice on the resume. It
is. When a place has Pro, & you have some experience, Its a good
bullet. You can at least help the designers when their backed up up.
Which is most of the time<g> Thats what got me in a few places. But
once working "inside" theses shops................ OMG!
Needless to say those jobs did not work out for me. Good places,pay,
but FUBAR mold making.
So if its part/mold design go for it! If its CNC'ing (Pro/Man) Run
like hell. Dont look back.
FYI, for example, the mold shops up here using Pro are always looking
for experienced designers. when work load increases- very typical in
the mold biz.up & down shit.
IMO you'll have better luck with UG for mold shop CNC programming


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