Re: Delcam For SolidWorks

On Thu, 12 Nov 2009 12:35:17 -0800, Garlicdude <pulsar@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

BillT wrote:
I like many now look at this group as purely
manufacturing folks discussing their views on non-manufacturing issues
(life, politics, etc...). It's the shops water cooler area now.

Yes it has become that which is unfortunate. Like Hamei said way back when,
"There's only so many times you can discuss lathe soft jaws." I know BottleBob
has made an effort to try and post on topic stuff. I've also tried a bit.

Maybe if more folks would make an effort to post on topic a few times a month we
could get the group turned back around for a better signal to noise ratio.
Along with that if what Jon or others have to say doesn't interest you just
ignore it!!! To me, and I assume others the back and forth with "Your full of
crap, no your full of crap" is reminiscent of grammar school behavior.

While this is usenet and the group will never be as clean as a company sponsored
site like your Siemens forum I think if we tried to post more on topic things
and ignored individuals or posts that we could get the group back on track with
a better signal to noise ratio.

Just my thoughts.


So post something NEW or discuss something actually
rather technical.
Tell BB about vectors & bowling balls <G>.