Re: Move To The Swamp

On Thu, 13 Aug 2009 07:34:23 -0700 (PDT), Joe788 <joemama788@xxxxxxx>

On Aug 13, 5:56 am, Joe788 <larryro...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

      Salary: $75,000 / Yearly Location: WEST PALM BEACH, FL

Experience in Unigraphics Required and Mastercam programming a plus.

Jon, I guess you're not qualified for the job, being your absolutely
ZERO experience with UG (despite you claiming you'd be using it last
January), and your obvious incompetence with Mastercam.


Actually Jon claimed on WorldCAD Access last year to BE USING NX6,
making him qualified. But Jon couldn't possibly have gone on to
contradict himself later that same month.....

Dec 22, 2008

"I stay in "History Mode" and accept that for now I lose the use of
only two of the many ST tools." -Jon Banquer-

Dec 30, 2008

"I recently had a non-canned demo of NX done by someone who flew in to
demonstrate what I wanted to see." -Jon Banquer-

Jon claiming to use NX6 then later that same month Jon saying only
"recently" he had a non-canned NX6 demo. Which makes Jon not only
unqualified for the job but a liar as well.