Re: OT-Obama issued his first directive to kill just before they hid the eggs for his kids

Kirk Gordon wrote:
Michael wrote:

Obama ordered the Navy Seals to kill the pirates, so much for his willingness to negotiate.
Now, is "Obama the Messiah", or just another American thug?


I haven't read all the details. We may never know all the details. But on the face of it, this seems just exactly right in every way.

The US attempted negotiation, trying to end the standoff without loss of life. When that failed, decisive action was taken to protect the American victim of a crime.

Then, if your report is right, the president went back to doing some of the normal, happy things that our government and our military are supposed to protect for us, rather than allowing criminals to disrupt our lives any more than necessary.

If every crisis Obama faces ends this way, he'll end up being an uncommonly good president.


Its fitting that the USS Bainbridge (DDG-96) was the ship to eliminate the pirates, the namesake of Commodore Bainebridge that two centuries earlier, along with commander Preble eliminated the threat of pirates in the Mediterranean Sea. As it is sung in the Marines Hymn " to the shores of Tripoli" its looking like maybe they will have to go back to the " Halls of Montezuma " too.