Re: Website for machine makers?

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We should start a pool on which builder will be the first to go tits

There is no shortage of candidates Dan. That's oine capital intensive
industry and without pribate equity in the mix, everyone will be

I'm amazed at how fast it went from record sales to zip. I started to see
it slowing in Septmeber, but the boostr from IMTS masked that. By the
election most places were done buying.

It was like someone pulled the plug.
I remember your comment to the effect that you'd know when your niche was
going to be hit by the number of newer machines coming to the market. Since
anyone can hang on for a couple of moinths I'd wager that this isn't what
happened. IOW, it was over before anyone realized what was really happening.

I sent you a brief private message indicating one prime candidate a while
back and was wondering if you got it. Those guys import milling machines but
they build turning centers.

In any event, I don't thing we'll see much of a change until summer's end.
Next year, OTOH might really be something going forward.
When there is a general sense of improvement, there will be a tremendous
rush to get going on new projects and there is literally a TON of money on
the sidelines right now.