Re: OT- Just What Would Happen If AIG Failed?

Wonder what would happen if Cliff just talked metal and cnc work ?

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I thought the CNBC production "House of Cards" did an excellent job of explaining the situation as well.

I haven't seen that one - no cable - but there have probably been 300 hours or more of good solid interviewing and reporting that anyone with rabbit ears and PBS could have watched since 2001 or so about all of this. They'd have, of course, to quit bitching about public television's "liberal bias". I watch Nova all the time and the only bias I've seen is towards fact and science.

Bill Moyers/Frontline/Charlie Rose/Nova and the animal shows indicate to me that the American public gets a huge return on the fractinal investment we make in Public television and radio.
Where else could you watch John Boggle, Warren Buffet, Hank Greenberg, Henry Paulson or Tim Geitner and all of the others who really DO know what's up? Nowhere - that's where.

But you can catch utter ignorance from talking heads on Faux "news" & Winger
Radio ...

Watch John Boggle on Charlie Rose from four (?) years ago if you have a chance. He explained the wealth transfer issue and it's implications completely and in plain English, including the possible implications.