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Who makes the best designed one?



If you were buying a used surface grinder what would you get and why?

Jon Banquer
San Diego, CA

I was born & raised on Boyer Shultz 6-12 hand feed. Made right here
in Chi town in its day. I'm a little partial to that old piece of
iron, but are no longer made. They should be plentiful, cheap & easy
to rebuild. Don't get the belt drive model- it slips under heavy
plunge grinding & cutoff, the later ones had direct moter drive. Some
had models had power Z up & down, thats sweet. They made alot of
accessories for them like ID grinding attachment, built in dust
collecter. I've used Brown & Sharp micromasters & are also good old
But nowadays the Okomoto's rule. Ball bearing tables for ease of
cranking, give the handle a crank & it "flys" to the end of travel.
Even their power feed water models are nice. Set it up for taking off
a certain amount of cross feed & down feed per pass, walk away & come
back & your pcs are finished! It can even auto plunge grind slots.
built in diamond dresser. You cant beat it for production use. The
hand moldels need to be put on stilts to raise them up about 3-6".
they must have been deigned for the smaller Japanese stature people.
Mount a opitidress on it with .00005" DROs & you've got the best!

Ok here's one for the book : Abrasive #1-1/2 or #2 with the the 10"
wheels. the feed handles are opposite. Talk about crash, man you
really have to think when using those old battle axes. those machines
you should be able to get practically for free. They do have a purpose
for larger work.

HOLDZEM its the best thing since sliced bread ages 5-95

I'm coming up with more things it Holdz every day:

phase 2 : the big neck sports bottles
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