Re: Dump your CAM & get Cimatron

jon_banquer wrote:
On Mar 16, 1:00 pm, Michael <gai...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

the jb upgrade path gets so confusing at times...

Sure does. One has to be able to deal with change to understand what I
post. That eliminates 99 percent of the people who post here who have
a proven track record of not being able to deal with change. The only
change some can deal with is the chump change they were stupid enough
to work for before retiring.

From the Jon Banquer blog main page:

"A Competitive World Offers Two Possibilities:

You can lose. Or if you want to win you can change.” … Lester Thurow
US economics professor.

Jon Banquer
San Diego, CA

Why should we change something when it has worked so well for so many years?
One thing for sure, jb never changes.


Michael Gailey
3D Laser Scanning, Digital Object Reproduction
Artistic CNC Mill, Router and Engraver Programming
3D modeling for Product Design and Development

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