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A fool & his mind are early parted.
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Ah..... Yes Cliff, but a liberal and his mind are strangers! -taz

Do you really want to be productive instead of bitching about liberals
thus how great and wonderful rich people have been the past 8 years ?

Well our computer lab is in need of some usb mouses as these tend to break down
frequently. I am having a hard time trying to secure there replacements that we badly
need in the lab. I've been waiting a month for toner cartridge and one station needs
"RJ45 connector with CAT5e cable 50ft".

Mouses, and cable ready when you are!. I felt bad the other day nobody could print there
resume for a local job fair.

You can donate or send your mouse device in care of me

John Scheldroup
House of Charity
510 S 8th St.
Minneapolis, MN 55404