Re: The Jon Banquer Blog Will Cover Siemens NX

NX is arguably one of the most powerful CADCAM programs in the world.
I recently had a non-canned demo of NX done by someone who flew in to
demonstrate what I wanted to see. NX is so powerful and so advanced
that after hours only a very small part of what this program can do
had been shown. The unfortunate part of a program being this powerful
is that no one, including Siemens, has ever been able to properly
describe to a Gibbscam, Mastercam, Featurecam, Surfcam, etc. users
what NX can really do in detail and why NX is so much better and so
much more advanced.

In the coming months the Jon Banquer blog will again break new ground
and attempt to do what no one so far has ever been able to do... show
how the power of NX can make a major difference in shops that are
currently using the products I mentioned above.

Shops that are similar to ours, like Apple's prototype shop, have used
NX for years. There is a reason why and I'll do my best to explain

Jon Banquer
San Diego, CA