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More importantly to
us is that the Fanuc is about 4K less the Fadal control.

Did you price all the $$ options $$?

Someone that knows what they are doing would price only the options
they need, not all of them.

Fadal loads up the control with most of the options, and I am sure they get
a good price on that. I added a couple more, 4th axis, and ethernet, the
local rep added the Advanced 0iMC control package into their package. So
there wasn't much to add to the control as far as options.

Hardware wise we added the Fadal 4th axis rotary drive, chip conveyor and
tool and part probing. All other hardware options, coolant thru spindle,
extended z axis, 24 pos DATC, 10K spindle was added to the package by the
dealer at a price not much above the base price. Oh and added a year to the
machine warrenty.

I think we are getting a nice machine at a good price that should expand
our available services and hopefully barring stupidity on my part will last
us a good long while.

Thanks for all the comments